Spray Application is a leading development in the construction industry and Sparrow Decor is proud to offer this as just one of our specialist services.


Using the latest and state of the art machinery, products and systems, we are able to provide a cost-effective solution to any painting job. Whether it is a residential new-build, an office or retail space, our commercial spraying extends to all types of surface and substrate, both internally and externally.


Spray application is proven to be significantly faster than using brush or roller applications. Traditional methods can take over double the time. Even with the appropriate area and surface preparation. Not only is this method time- efficient but also results in minimal disruption and disturbance to the site as the job is completed. As well this, the airless sprayers provide an even coat of paint on all surfaces, inside or out, meaning great quality is always guaranteed.


Spray application is perfect for, but not limited to, large-scale painting jobs or difficult to reach areas within your building. This includes ceilings or stairwells and areas which are difficult to get a smooth finish through using more traditional methods of painting. With spray application, you can achieve flawless results. Due to its versatility, a large range of paint types can be used with this method. So it is able to meet any painting requirements you may have for your site.


Whether it is a paint refurbishment you require or a painting job from scratch. Sparrow Decor can provide you with the highest quality and cost-efficient results with Spray Application.

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