Benefits of using Spray Application

Are you unsure whether spray application is the best method for your painting and decorating needs? Here

are our top four benefits of using spray application…

  • Time-efficient

Even with the correct preparation of your surface and the areas you are decorating, spray application is proven to be substantially faster than traditional methods of painting, such as rollers and brushes. If you are painting a large area like a ceiling or a communal stairwell, spray application can get the job done more than twice as fast. This is because you don’t have to reapply paint to brushes, you don’t have to climb and stretch for hard-to-reach areas, and a spray applicator is most definitely faster than any human with a brush.

This causes minimal disruption as it doesn’t take days out of your busy schedule, like other painting methods.

  • Fit for any surface

A common struggle with traditional forms of painting is that brushes are not fit for a given surface or substrate. The finish may be uneven and end up looking unprofessional. The use of spray application provides an even coat of paint to all substrates and its versatility allows for different types of paints to be used, whichever suits your surface best. Therefore, this method of painting is beneficial, for both interior and exterior areas.

  • Perfect for difficult-to-reach areas

With the use of spray application, you will no longer be tempted to put off the painting of a ceiling or other difficult area. High or low, spray application can perfectly target any areas that are hard to reach, again making this method much easier and less time-consuming. Done this way, painting the exterior of a house, or a communal stairwell has never been easier.

  • Cost-efficient

Hiring a professional to take care of your painting and decorating is highly recommended. If you do go down this route, then spray application could result in a far lower cost. This is because the job is completed so much faster, compared with using traditional methods. You need not pay out for several days’ labour, when spray application can get the job done faster, better and cheaper.

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